BGBlitz, the programm BGBlitz2Go is derived from, is one of the most feature packed backgammon programs available. It's game play is excellent, demonstrated by the victories at the 12th Computer Olympiad in Amsterdam (2007) , the 8th Computer Olympiad in Graz (2003) and of the 7th Computer Olympiad in Maastricht (2002). Here are some of it's features:

  • Play Backgammon against a world class opponent or play over TCP/IP.
  • A tutor helps to improve your game.
  • Rollout positions with optional variance reduction.
  • Choose between 40+ themes.
  • Train your skill with quiz databases.
  • Train your cube handling in match play.
  • Replay your games
  • Collect matches in databases.
  • Convert from/to different match-formats and to HTML.
  • Use the precise endgame database.
  • Completely internationalized. Current languages are English, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish Catalan.
  • and much more....
It available for Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Linux. Some screen shots of BGBlitz:
AntiqueBoard Theme Titanium Theme
tutor warns Ibuk Theme