Unevitably someone will accuse that BGBlitz2Go has unfair dice.
At the BGBlitz website I explain very lengthy at the BGBlitz cheat page how anyone can check that the dice are fair. Unfortunatly on a small device like a mobile we can't implement the same amount of testing facilities. What we could provide is, that when you press the key "9" you can preview the next 3 rolls.
All following rolls are in fact totally independent of your move and the sequence is already completely determined at the start of the game.

Because we can't provide the same amount of prove on a device with very small screen space additionally we want to convince you in another way:

  • why in the world we should provide biased dices?
  • if we take a lot of effort to prove that BGBlitz has fair dice, why should the authors cheat on the mobile version?
  • If a proof would be found that BGBlitz2Go cheats (and that could be done in the case if BGBlitz2Go cheats) from the moment it was published, BGBlitz2Go would be dead. Why should we risk years of work for nothing?
  • Different from 2002 and 2003 BGBlitz lost at the 2006 Computer Olympiad. BGBlitz rolled the dice for both participients. If BGBlitz / BGBlitz2Go manipulates the dice, why BGBlitz lost this important match?
Does that mean, that you will never see any rare dice sequences? Naturally not! Even very rare sequences happens from time to time. They are rare, not impossible.

Why do I feel cheated anyway?
Well the human mind is not very good at judging or predicting random e.g. ask 100 people for a number between 1 and 7. Many people will not take 1 or 7 because they are at the border and so less random. 4 will not be taken because it is in the middle and therefore less random. So you will end up with a lot more twos, threes, fives and sixes than in a real random distribution.
The second reason is, that it seems that we perceive bad luck more than good luck in backgammon. This leads to the impression that the other gets better rolls.
The third reason is, that the whole game is about putting the checkers in a way that you could use the dice better on average. A famous backgammon player formulated it that way: good players make their own luck.

And at the end of a game you could play the next game with the same dice, just you get this time the dice of the computer.

We hope that we could convince you that BGBlitz2Go uses unbiased dice.