Q: Does BGBlitz2Go use the same artificial intelligence as BGBlitz?
A: Not exactly, but very close. The resources on a mobile phone are limited. For that reason, the neural net for BGBlitz2Go is much smaller, roughly 30% of the size of BGBlitz. For the same reason it has no endgame database and evaluates only one ply and 2-ply in leve Extreme. Because the mobile phones getting more capable with the time, we expect to provide more features in the future. The code of the AI itself is nearly identical.

Q: How strong is BGBlitz2Go's game play?
A: an analysis of about 35 games yielded an error rate of less than 2.0 and an rating of over 1970. A human with this rating would be a feared opponent on every tournament on the world. As far as we know, there is no other Backgammon on the mobile with this playing strength and even on a full blown computer there are only 3-4 programms with a stronger game play and a current PC is between 100 and 500 times faster than a good mobile.

Q: Do you plan to release a version for the iPhone?
A: Because Apple provides no Java on the iPhone, a total rewrite of BGBlitz2go would be neccessary. That is beyond our available resources. But you might be interested in the news of the 3/1/2012 :)

Q: I can't connect to FIBS. Is there a known problem?
A: Please check your username and password very carefully. Some mobiles/cell phones (e.g. Symbian?) add automatically a space after the username. With normal text that makes perfect sense, but not with a username and it is very hard to see.