You want to setup a Backgammon server? Then you need an AI that is able to handle interrupted games and you should take a look at BGBlitz server, chosen by Play65, GammonEmpire, PartyGammon and as AI.

What are the advantages of BGBlitz server?

  • BGBlitz server is easy to use. Very simple self descriptive XML files send over a TCP/IP-socket. Can be called from any other programming language / operating system.
  • BGBlitz runs on any operating system providing a Java 1.3.1 or higher.
  • BGBlitz supports multiple CPUs.
  • Running as a separate process guarantees that there is no influence of BGBlitz on your software and vice verse. Just give a few thoughts what a small error in a self developed AI-dll/dynamic library could mean for the stability of your server and vice verse!
  • You can easily scale to the load. Just add another box or CPU with BGBlitz server running on and you can handle twice the requests.
  • BGBlitz server is stable. It runs 24x7 without problems, even under very heavy load. My stability test is running on a slow dual CPU box (2xP2/333) as server being stressed by 4 other pc's each with 20-40 simultaneous threads running for several hours. There is no single faulty response!
  • BGBlitz is fast. It can evaluate on a recent CPU about 20000 positions per second with 1-ply and about 2-300 with 2-ply, so with 1 and 2-ply evaluation you can handle quite some requests per second. 3-Ply is much slower (3-6 seconds) so it shouldn't be the default.
  • BGBlitz server is running on Play65/Gammon Empire without any problem since more than a year, so you have no risk, that a solution with BGBlitz might not work or might not work stable. There are also some special features that take into account behaviour of unfair players trying to exploit the settlement algorithm.
  • BGBlitz server is very affordable. Just calculate how many days your developers need to come up with a similar solution. Price on application.
  • Additional requirements that go beyond small changes can be developed for you for reasonable fees.
Does this sound interisting? I bet...