The installation can be performed in two different ways. The installation file can either be downloaded directly to the phone or to a PC/Mac. Both installation methods depend on your phone, possible on your PC/Mac and maybe your operator. If you are uncertain on how to install, consult your phone manual. The installation procedure differs between different models but the basic procedure is always the same.

Downloading directly to your phone
NOTE! There might be a cost from your operator to download the content to the phone. We do not charge anything for this download.

  1. Determine if you should use the basic or improved version, by visiting the Supported Devices page. Also note the wap link for the download.
  2. Setup your phone for usage of wap. Instructions on how to do this can be fetched from your mobile phone operator. If you are using a Sony Ericsson phone you can also get settings from
  3. Test your phone setup by entering the wap browser and go to If the google page appears your settings are correct and you can continue to step 4, otherwise repeat step 2.
  4. Enter the wap link from step one to commence downloading. When the download is completed start the installation and wait for it to complete.
  5. Installation is now complete and the game can be started on your phone.
An alternative way to download to Mobile via WAP: Open with your mobile -> Quick Download -> enter Quick Download Code 9184 (Attention: it will take a few days from the relase until the new version is there)

Downloading via PC/Mac
  1. Download the file(s) to your PC/Mac from the download page and save it at any appropriate place.
  2. Setup a connection to your phone, this can be done via Bluetooth, IR or cable. For this you must consult your phone manual.
  3. Transfer the downloaded file to your phone and start the installation.
  4. Installation is now complete and the game can be started on your phone. Important: It might be the case (e.g. on a Samsung SGH-E250i) that you have to download and transfer both the file for the PC installation and the mobile installation (i.e. bgblitz2go.jar and bgblitz2go.jad). If the installation doesn't work with the jar alone try it together with the jad file and install the jad file.