BGBlitz in Japanese Katsutoshi Seki created a Japanese BGBlitz page where he reviews BGBlitz, describes BGBlitz installation, usage and more information. Domo arrigato Katsutoshi san!!
Brainking If you want to play some variants of the fascinating game we all love, look at Especially Plakoto and Fevga (aka Moultezim) I feel they are really fascinating. PartyGammon uses BGBlitz as AI too. Click on the Icon for the PartyGammon client software.
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Two online BG-places that use BGBlitz as artificial intelligence. Click on the Icon for the play65 / GammonEmpire client software.
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Backgammon a la Carte Carol Joy Cole's Backgammon Shop. Everything you need for Backgammon.
FIBS The mother of all Internet BG.
FIBS:-)Board A website and forum dedicated to FIBS
PBEM If you like to play BG by email (and there are lots of other games too).
Backgammon Portal Art Graters High Quality BG Links; some services not found in other places. Superb bibliography!
Gammon-Links Here you can find every (at least almost every) BG resource on the net.
BG Galore Well suited, especially if you are interested in BG programming and theory.
Hardy Huebeners BG pages Probably the best German/English speaking Backgammon site, with the only German speaking Backgammon Forum
Alexel A lot of Music. The start sound is just a small snippet of his music. Too bad I can't include the whole tune for space reasons.
Angelita Li Angelita did not only translate BGBlitz to Chinese, she is an incredibly talented singer. If you like Jazz "Caminhos Cruzados" will be a good choice....
Martigan Apropos music. Martigan is a top band, unfortunately relatively unknown. Anyone that likes progressive rock or likes Marillion or Genesis will enjoy Martigan.